Dry Cleaning with a Story Perfected Over the Ages

At Brothers Cleaners, we think of ourselves as more than dry cleaners; we’re service providers here to make your life better and easier. Our process of taking clients’ dirty clothes and returning something bright, fresh, and like new again has been perfected over 100 years in business and counting. This mission of truly helping clients has shaped our process, making sure it’s one that’s superior across the board, and we’ve passed it down through generations and throughout our four Raleigh locations. After our infamous fire a few years back, we vowed to come back even better and bolder, demanding no less than 100% organic, biodegradable, and non-carcinogenic dry cleaning services for our clients. We’re honored to uphold this standard of customer service and provide results we’re proud to stand behind.

The Brothers Cleaners Process

Despite the name, dry cleaning is not a dry process. Fluid is needed to dissolve dirt, grease, oil, food, cosmetic products, and more from your laundry and household items. Our business stands on the integrity of our reputation, so we’re always careful with every item brought to us, making sure each item’s and each client’s specifications are dutifully met. The key to our superior dry cleaning results is our process of distillation and purification. Many dry cleaners reuse dirty, impure dry cleaning fluid in an effort to cut costs and save time, leading to laundry and items that aren’t fully clean and may have odor or discoloration.

At Brothers Cleaners, however, we use clean dry cleaning fluid with every load, constantly purifying our fluid through a careful distillation process, which we feel is necessary to get the job done right. Because we’re in the business of serving you and not ourselves, we consistently take extra steps to provide our clients with impressive results, and we abide by strict industry standards to give you a cleaner clean.

Sustainable Dry Cleaning Is Possible!

Believe it or not, it is possible for dry cleaners to follow sustainable practices and contribute to a more environmentally friendly culture. At Brothers Cleaners, one way we do this is by using specially formulated EcoSolvĀ® dry cleaning fluid. With this fluid, your clothes get cleaner while we get greener. Some of EcoSolvĀ®’s benefits include:

  • Safe for gentle fabrics & accessories
  • Virtually odor-free
  • Less persistent in the environment than traditional solvents
  • Easily recycled
  • 100% hydrocarbon-based for very high purity
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