Brothers Cleaners Frequently Asked Questions

Does Brothers Cleaners Deliver to My Area?
We Deliver to Raleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Apex, RTP, Morrisville, and Holly Springs.

Where Do I Put My Clothes for the Pickup Driver?
For Office Customers: For most offices we service, your dry cleaning will be picked up and delivered right to your desk. However, some businesses choose to have a central pickup and delivery location, like in a break room or at the front desk. Once your account has been set up, your driver will contact you by phone or in person to inform you of your pickup and delivery location.

For Residential Customers: Most residential customers simply leave their dry cleaning by their front door (behind the storm or screened door) to be picked up. Others use the garage or another door as the pickup and delivery place. Whichever you feel most comfortable with is fine with us. If you need a hook to hang your returned orders, just let us know and we will install one.

How Often will Brothers Pick Up and Deliver My Clothes?
As a VIP Customer, we will stop by your home or office twice a week without any contact from you. Your clothes will be picked up and returned on alternating scheduled days. You don’t have to be home to use the service. As a Call-In Customer, we’ll stop at your home or office just when you need our services. You’ll be given instructions on how to call your driver when you have a pickup. When your account is set up, we’ll ask whether you’d like to be a VIP or a Call-In Customer.

When are the Scheduled Pickup and Delivery Days?
Your scheduled days will be determined by your delivery address. Pickup and delivery days will be one of the following pair of days. After signing up, your driver will let you know which days your account will be serviced. Monday/Thursday Schedule – Any item(s) picked up on Monday will be delivered on Thursday. Any item(s) picked up on Thursday will be delivered on Monday. Tuesday/Friday Schedule – Any item(s) picked up on Tuesday will be delivered on Friday. Any item(s) picked up on Friday will be delivered on Tuesday.

What About Holidays?
Customers will be notified in advance of any schedule changes for pickup and delivery during all major holidays.

What if I Have a Special Request?
If you have a special request, eg. “no crease in black pants,” “hem pants ½ inch,” “see spot on red sweater,” etc., you can simply include a note in your pickup bag, which we will read upon clothing check in.

What if I Need Customer Service?
Once you’ve signed up for our pickup and delivery service, your driver becomes your personal customer service representative. You will be given his mobile phone number and encouraged to call, text, or email him if you have any questions or concerns or to schedule a pickup if you are a Call-In Customer. Our drivers are all extremely knowledgeable, and they care about the service they are providing. We supply all customers with a drawstring nylon bag at no charge, and when your driver picks up your clothing, he will leave another bag for you to use next time.

How Do I Pay for Your Services?
All of our pickup and delivery customers are set up on a convenient charge account. Itemized statements are mailed out by request, and payment can be made either by check or automatically charged to your credit card. For your protection and the protection of everyone involved, our delivery personnel cannot collect payments.

Can I Still Take Advantage of All Brothers Cleaners Services?
Yes. Our pickup and delivery customers are entitled to all serviced provided by Brothers Cleaners, including household items (such as bedspreads, comforters, and blankets), leather and suede cleaning, and simple alterations (hemming, repairs, etc.).

What Do I Do with All of My Extra Hangers?
If you would like to recycle your hangers, ask your driver for a hanger-recycling box. When the box is full, simply leave it with your laundry back for your driver to pick up.

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