Dry Cleaning and Wash-Dry-Fold at your doorstep Enjoy Brothers cleaners free pickup and delivery service

Nothing makes you look sharp, crisp, and ready to go like professional dry cleaning. But who has the time to shuttle back and forth from the cleaners each week? If you’re a regular user of dry cleaning you’ve got to consider our FREE pickup and delivery service. There’s nothing more convenient.

Not only have we been providing the highest quality dry cleaning in the area since 1916, but we also operate the largest pickup and delivery service in the Triangle, serving thousands of customers.

And the best part: It’s absolutely free. The price is exactly the same as walk-in service.

That means: No additional costs. No delivery charges. No monthly fees. And, no minimums.

You’ll enjoy the same excellent service and premium quality customers have come to expect from Brothers Cleaners for the past 100 years, delivered straight to your doorstep or office. Our drivers are professional, friendly, and reliable. And they’re not just your drivers, they’re also your personal customer service representatives.

Your driver comes by twice a week for pickup and delivery.
Easy monthly billing, so you never need to pay your driver directly
You don’t have to be home to take advantage of this convenient service.
Delivery service is available throughout the triangle (See our service map below).

FREE Pickup & Delivery Service

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To sign up and get $25* off your first delivered order, call 1-800-558-BROS to speak with our route manager, or complete the form to get started.

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The Process

Once we have received your online registration, we will call you back within 24 hours to complete the application process and answer any questions you may have. At this time, we will also assign you a driver and establish your dry cleaning pickup and delivery schedule. Our goal is to custom tailor our services to meet your individual needs, so we offer dry cleaning pickup and delivery at your home or office based on your requirements.