Professional Cleaning of Household Cloth Items Our Trusted Professionals Handle Your Items With Care

In addition to our quality Raleigh dry cleaning services, we at Brothers Cleaners are proud to provide cleaning services for curtains, comforters, and a wide variety of other cloth household items. We have the specialized equipment, knowledge, and experience necessary to carefully and thoroughly clean and restore your items, even if they are large or delicate.

Comforter Cleaning | Curtain Cleaning | Other Household Items

Many people use Brothers as a comforter washing service. We know how to clean a comforter. We are indeed the best dry clean comforter cleaners around, but in addition to dry cleaning comforters, we are your curtain dry cleaners as well. In addition to dry cleaning curtains we also clean the following other household items:

  • Window Treatments ( We offer the best window treatment solutions in Raleigh)
  • Duvets (Duvet cleaning by professionals is important because it’s essentially a down filled cover which can easily be damaged in home washers)
  • Blankets (We dryclean blankets as many are heirloom or fine material items that are treasured and must receive special cleaning attention to last)
  • Tablecloths (We professionally clean tablecloths that decorate fine crafted tables or commercial tablecloths that must be sent to the cleaners)
  • Napkins (Many restaurants need their napkins cleaned and we are the Raleigh area’s preferred napkin cleaners)
  • Stuffed Animals (Cherished as gifts and heirloom items, it pays to dry clean stuff animals to help them last as long as possible).
  • Tapestries (Need your tapestries cleaned? We do many of these and can handle cleaning tapestries no matter the material).
  • Oriental Rugs (We are the best rug cleaners in Raleigh. For our rug cleaning services, drop off your rug or schedule pick up / delivery.
  • Shoes (It pays to professional clean shoes that were a gift or were very expensive. We know how to clean shoes made of fine materials).

No more trips to the laundromat to use commercial-sized washers on your large blankets and bedspreads! We are proud to deliver a much more thorough and reliable cleaning of these oversized and delicate household cloth items than you can achieve on your own, and we do it with competitive pricing and superb customer service.

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