Expert Raleigh Wedding Gown Preservation Services We Will Turn Your Wedding Gown into a Family Heirloom

At Brothers Cleaners, we understand how important your wedding gown is to you and your family, so look no further for trusted wedding gown preservation services. Our professionally-trained staff provide full, museum-quality wedding gown cleaning, wedding gown preservation, and storage solutions so your gown will be like new for many years to come.

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Our Approach to Excellence in Wedding Gown Preservation Cleaning and Stain Removal

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Brothers is a trusted wedding dress cleaner offering wedding dress restoration and wedding gown preservation services. We begin by thoroughly checking your gown for stains and testing the beads and trimmings for cleanability. After your gown is pre-spotted to remove any stains, it is cleaned in a pure solvent and carefully process dried. After checking again for stains and performing further despotting if necessary, we then inspect your gown to ensure the designer’s lines and drape is retained.

Getting Your Approval

After your wedding gown is cleaned to our satisfaction, we call you to schedule an appointment for a final inspection. After you have come in to our location, inspected your gown, and given your approval, we then prepare it for packaging.

Museum-Quality Packaging

We use the same archival-quality boxes and tissue paper as our country’s leading museums to ensure the best results possible. Our boxes are made from single-wall corrugated board, which is free of any acid, lignin, or sulfur and is dyed in a bridal white. Our boxes also have a water-resistant and insect-proof clear viewing window. Your dress is packaged with a cotton-muslin liner, and we even use acid-free tissue paper to cushion the folds of the wedding gown.

Raleigh Wedding Gown Restoration Services

Maybe you held on to your wedding dress or your mother’s or grandmother’s old gown to give to your daughter or granddaughter one day. If your old family heirloom wedding gown is in need of a restoration, Brothers Cleaners is here for you. We offer expert wedding gown restoration services that will bring your old family gown back to looking and fitting just like it did when it was originally worn.