Expert Raleigh Clothing Alteration and Repair Services Save Money by Extending the Life of Your Clothes

Brothers has great seamstresses & tailors who provide the best alteration service in Raleigh.
If you need seamstress quality sewing, hemming, and/or mending services for clothes, apparel & fabrics,  or tailor shop quality alterations to clothing, fabric, or apparel to fit better. We do tailoring alterations for fancy dresses, suits, coats, ball gowns, wedding dresses, etc. We also professionally alter tailored suits, custom suits, etc. for your purposes.

At our Atlantic Avenue location, Brothers Cleaners has full-time specialists on site to serve all of your clothing alteration and repair needs. Whether you need a broken zipper fixed, a dress hemmed, a pair of pants cuffed, or any other alteration or repair consider us at Brothers Cleaners for guaranteed satisfaction.

Our Alteration Services Include:

  • Button and Zipper Replacement
  • Hemming Skirts, Dresses, and Pants
  • Repair of Split Seams
  • Shortening Shirt Sleeves
  • Inseam and Pant-Seat Alterations
  • Wedding Gown Fitting
  • Shirt Collar Turning
  • And Much More

Repairing and resizing the clothing in your closet is a fantastic way to keep all of your clothes fitting like they should while saving you money on new clothing. Our experienced Raleigh alteration experts know how to tailor any garment to fit you just right and make sure you look and feel your best. The specialist at the Atlantic Ave location is on site Mon-Fri 9-5, Call for an appointment.

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